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Top Blog Posts from the WordStream Blog

What makes a good blog post? Is it site traffic? Social shares? Cat memes?

Here at WordStream, we’ve been publishing blog posts since 2009. We’ve covered pretty much every topic in digital marketing, from keyword research to email subject lines to Facebook advertising.

Here you’ll find a selection of our top-performing blog posts of all time—our most popular articles as judged by your, our readers!

PPC Basics

How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

Google Ads Impression Share: Understanding and Improving Your Impression Share

6 Steps to Building a Brilliant Paid Search Account Structure

The 8 Best (& Free!) Google Ads Tutorials for Beginners Right Now

How to Pass the Google Ads Certification Exam: 7 Tips from Newly Certified Professionals

What’s a Good Click-Through Rate (CTR) for PPC?

How to Create the Best Landing Pages for Your Google Ads Account

Paid Search Marketing

Google Ads Benchmarks for YOUR Industry [Updated!]

7 Totally Underrated Free Google Ads Tools

29 PPC Tools You Need to Try This Year

The Easy 8-Step Checklist for PPC Audits

7 Ways to Write Super-Effective Google Ads (With Real Examples)

We Analyzed 612 of the Best Ads: Here Are 9 Things We Learned [DATA]

7 Tips to Master the Google Display Network

How to Make A High-Quality Google Adss Report in 15 Minutes [Free Template]

Average Cost per Click by Country: Where in the World Are the Highest CPCs?

5 Reasons To NEVER Use Google Ads Automatic Bidding

Google Conversion Tracking: Complete Guide to Conversion Tracking in Google Ads

Google Expanded Text Ads: 10 Things You Need to Know

11 Kick- Ass Call to Action Examples (and Why They Work)

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA): What You Need to Know

Google’s Responsive Search Ads: 13 Facts and Best Practices You Need to Know

Search Engine Optimization

25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How to Rank for a Keyword in 10 Steps

Keyword Optimization: Why Optimizing for the Right Keyword is ‘Do or Die’

How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 Steps

SEO Basics: Complete Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

The 8 Best Keyword Research Tools (Almost All Free!)

Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Search Volume for Marketers

What is Evergreen Content? A Guide to Long-Lasting Content that Boosts SEO

The 8 Best Tools for Finding Competitor Keywords

Advertising & Marketing Ideas

26 Free Online Marketing Courses: Learn Digital Marketing!

35 Easy and Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas

25 Restaurant Marketing Ideas: How to Market a Restaurant

64 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

18 Sneaky Ways to Build Brand Awareness

22 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

7 Best Survey Tools: Create Awesome Surveys for Free!

7 of the Best Value Proposition Examples We’ve Ever Seen

23 Creative Advertising Ideas that Actually Work

11 Examples of Great Customer Testimonial Pages

7 Super-Creative, Crazy-Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas

17 Hair-Raising Salon Marketing Ideas

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Advertising on Amazon

How to Do a Webinar Your Audience Will Love

Ethical Marketing: 5 Examples of Companies With a Conscience

Landing Page Relevance: Can You Optimize for Quality Score?

Our 8 Best Ad Copywriting Tips EVER!

17 Best Practices for Crazy-Effective Call-to-Action Buttons

Social Media Marketing

6 FREE Facebook Marketing Tools to Juice Up Your Campaigns

The 7 Best Free Social Media Management Tools

11 Ways to Get More (Real!) Instagram Followers

Find Your Old Tweets: How to See Your First Tweet

33 Instagram Captions that Will Break Your Like-ometer

One Weird Trick to Get More Facebook Likes for Free

75 Super-Useful Facebook Statistics

Hacking the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm: 5 Ways to Recover Organic Reach

33 Mind-Boggling Instagram Stats and Facts

40 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social Media Advertising

5 Ridiculously Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

Facebook Ad Benchmarks for YOUR Industry

Facebook Relevance Score: 4 Key Facts to Know

9 Tips to Write the Best Facebook Ads Ever (With Examples)

9 Ways to Lower Your Facebook Ad Costs

7 Awesome Facebook Ad Examples (and Why They Work)

21 Facebook Advertising Tips to Try Right Now

The Complete Guide to Facebook Video Ads

The Complete Guide to Advertising on Instagram

7 Killer Tips for More Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options (in One Epic Infographic)

The Ridiculously Awesome Guide to Facebook Remarketing

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost? Plus 8 Tips for Saving Money

4 Ways to Make Facebook & Google Ads Work Better Together

Miscellaneous Topics

37 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics

Top 10: Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

10 of the Most Innovative Chatbots on the Web

6 Places to Learn Photoshop for Free (or Almost Free!)

How to Do a SWOT Analysis for Your Small Business

20 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

10 Companies Using Machine Learning in Cool Ways

Pain Points: A Guide to Finding and Solving Your Customers’ Problems

25 Ways to Increase Sales Online

7 Things Nobody Tells You About Working Remotely

7 Ecommerce Trends You Can’t Ignore

Everything You Know About Conversion Rate Optimization is Wrong

The 9 Best Email Subject Line Styles to Increase Your Open Rates

35 Face-Melting Email Marketing Stats

The Comprehensive Guide to Online Advertising Costs

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